Aug 5, 2008

Dress Shoe Addict?

I am usually fine with my casual Jack Purcell Converse, being reliable and always wearable. That is, until you have to get all dressed up to go fine dining. I ran into that dilemma while vacationing in the Canadian land. I was planning on wearing my normal casual shoes to dinner and every other high end place I went. I was sadly mistaken. I unwillingly had to borrow my brothers formal shoes. I found them to be unbelievably uncomfortable and, although he will deny it to his grave, hideous. As soon as I arrived back in LA, I went directly to the Internet and was on a mission to find more fashionable dress shoes. To my surprise, I found an abundant amount that I found attractive. Male dress shoes are extremely simple though, only having the diversity of the pointed toe. Mostly, the colors revolve around black and brown. Here are a few that I viewed to be alluring.

Ferragamo-- I love these black leather buckle loafers. These are exceedingly simple, but I found the design of the buckle really appealing.

Prada-- I adore the dark chocolate brown color. When I was skimming though, this jumped right off the page. The design that Prada created right by the toe area is flawless.

Gucci-- This black leather oxford has a real bowling feel to it. I guess that might be the thing that attracts me. It is very simple yet unique.

These formal shoes run high in price. So I'll probably just start with one and work my way up. I might even become a dress shoe addict.


Miss Victory said...

Lately I'm going the way of dress shoe addiction myself. I was just trawling the internet earlier for designer sales. I'm going to start small too, but I can just envision a lovely collection building up.

ramona.ny said...

thanks for the comment! great way to start your blog... hope to see you around! we always need more fashionistos aroud us girls :)


CoutureCarrie said...

I love a man in some shiny oxfords or even suede bucks... Great picks here!

Secretista said...

I love this. Nothing like a well-dressed man in a nicely shined dress shoe.

Lisa said...

thanks for the comment Mr.

so lovely to get a guys perspective. You write beautifully.

great tips for the BF! mine always needs some guidance.


I look forward to more.

LuLu124 said...

ooh the ferragamo ones are really yum and i absolutely love that chocolate color of the prada ones!!! xoxo, lulu

tsad said...

I have a weakness for cap toes and wingtips. Nice blog.

Terencesambowrites said...

You need to post more frequently i like ur posts :o)