Aug 6, 2008

Cellphones, Just as important as shoes

Cellular devices are very stylish accessories, being just as important as your choice in shoes. Like shoes, phones can judge who you are-- A business orientated man (blackberry), modernly up to date individual (iphone/voyager), or a care free/ has one just to talk kind of person (normal samsung flip phone). My personality ranges among the first two. As surprising as it sounds, I often find myself planning my wardrobe around my cell phone. They're probably the most frequent accessories pulled out, meaning that they need to be appealing and flow with your look. The exceptionally trendy phones are composed of:

These included the up to date Blackberry Curve (verizon), Iphone (AT&T), and LG Dare (verizon). I favor the Blackberry's because it is a lot easier to type with. I just wouldn't prefer to type on a flat screen, since I'm not finger coordinated. As Lauren Conrad once said, "Shoes judge a guy," and I believe cellphones do the same thing.

Aug 5, 2008

Dress Shoe Addict?

I am usually fine with my casual Jack Purcell Converse, being reliable and always wearable. That is, until you have to get all dressed up to go fine dining. I ran into that dilemma while vacationing in the Canadian land. I was planning on wearing my normal casual shoes to dinner and every other high end place I went. I was sadly mistaken. I unwillingly had to borrow my brothers formal shoes. I found them to be unbelievably uncomfortable and, although he will deny it to his grave, hideous. As soon as I arrived back in LA, I went directly to the Internet and was on a mission to find more fashionable dress shoes. To my surprise, I found an abundant amount that I found attractive. Male dress shoes are extremely simple though, only having the diversity of the pointed toe. Mostly, the colors revolve around black and brown. Here are a few that I viewed to be alluring.

Ferragamo-- I love these black leather buckle loafers. These are exceedingly simple, but I found the design of the buckle really appealing.

Prada-- I adore the dark chocolate brown color. When I was skimming though, this jumped right off the page. The design that Prada created right by the toe area is flawless.

Gucci-- This black leather oxford has a real bowling feel to it. I guess that might be the thing that attracts me. It is very simple yet unique.

These formal shoes run high in price. So I'll probably just start with one and work my way up. I might even become a dress shoe addict.

Aug 3, 2008

Pajama Themed Suits

I am very spiteful on starting a post with a question, but I have an enforcing urge to do so. What's up with the new trend on Pajama themed suits? Do all girls really seek to see their boyfriend dressed in this catastrophe? I'm stimulated by the originality and authenticity, but I've yet to be sold on the "idea" in general. I feel as if the formal business suit turns into an extremely casual mess. Pajama's are frowned upon if seen on the street; So why on earth would you want to visualize it at work?
Brands sporting this new fetish include D&G, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armai, and Roberto Cavalli. Whereas I do admit that Dolce & Gabbana, the picture to the right, did it best. So in order from best of the worse to TERRIBLE...
1. Dolce & Gabbana
2. D&G
3. Roberto Cavalli
4. Emporio Armai
Although, I read that they also questioned this trend they were showcasing. Sadly, these are not usual designer brands I go against. I feel as if they wasted their entire spring collection on these pajama inspired suits. Correct me if I'm wrong, although I inquire that I stand with the majority of fashionisto's/ista's. If it is not for the "normal" group of people, buyers will most likely pass it by. I just feel as if we aren't ready for a trend of this extent to spread and's Josh Peskowitz agrees.

So this is the first post of the new blog. I decided to change blogs all together because I felt as if I couldn't change what I've worked so hard to create at Fashion's the Word. I hope you enjoy my new blog and in a sense, new voice. Comment on the post and new site.

Authenticaly, Cory